Hanging a Ceiling Fan

Many years ago, I attempted to hang a ceiling fan.  I say attempted because it did not go very well and I ended up looking very foolish.

I found this beautiful ceiling fan at a rummage sale and decided it belonged in my bedroom. Letting my ambition to be handy take control, I decided to hang this fan up right away and did not want to wait until my husband back from his Navy deployment.  I figured that I could do it because my husband is an electrician and I watched him do this before many times.  It looked so easy when he did it.

So I climbed up onto a stool on my bed and unscrewed the ugly light fixture that was there.  This was rather difficult because the screws were stripped and rusted.  I managed to unscrew the fixture but it remained on the ceiling as if it was glued so I yanked it down taking a small chunk of ceiling down with it.  When it finally was unscrewed and dangling by the cords, I noticed that all the cords were white.  The cords were supposed to be different colors like on the directions in the box of my new fan.

I was totally unsure what to do at this point.  I called my husband and told him what I did and he said, “Stop!  Put the old one back up.”  I was unable to do that because when I unscrewed the old one some ceiling came down with it.

I wound up having to call the base housing maintenance man and have him fix what I did.  I was too embarrassed to tell him the truth of what I did so I said, “I don’t know what happened it just fell down.”