GTS Helps the Community

GTS has established a reputation for helping the community.  Our little family business has donated so much time and material to help transform five run down houses in the City of Milwaukee into nice places to live.  Together with Milwaukee Works and the Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP), these houses were transformed over the summer of 2011.  The transformation of these houses was very challenging and frustrating to say the least.  Part of that frustration was due to the extremely tight budget of the City of Milwaukee.

This is what Joseph Farmer had to say about it.  “… for example; we would be putting in new receptacles throughout the house.  Every time we would open up the boxes to see what was in there, we would find something that made the job 3 times more complicated than just changing a receptacle should be.  The big thing was that the wires were corroded and needing to be replaced.  So, we would have to do it, but we were not paid for it.  We only were paid for simply changing the receptacle.  So, I would just out of good conscience, threw in a bunch of extra stuff just so that the people were not buying something that is not electrically sound.”

After the transformation of the first house was complete, the city of Milwaukee asked if GTS would continue to be their electrical contractor.  Knowing that we would not make much money but feeling great about helping others, GTS said yes.

Also last summer, we did a similar sort of project that was again staffed by Milwaukee Works at the Oneida Indian tribe’s community center in Milwaukee.  More from Joseph Farmer, “It is actually a really cool old building.  It was originally a firehouse way back when horses pulled the fire trucks.  They added on to the building and put in a couple of classrooms and a computer lab.  GTS was the electrical contractor for that project.  With all of the Milwaukee Works projects, I’m not supposed to lift a hand to do any of the actual work.  I just tell the trainees what to do, how to do it and supervise them, but I am not supposed to do the work.  This is actually somewhat frustrating at times.”

Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP) is a program that assists eligible owner occupants in repairing their homes.  All repairs are based upon municipal building code violations, lead hazard reduction, health and safety concerns.  NIP is not a remodeling program.

Milwaukee works is a program that is helping thousands of very low-income families who are at extreme disadvantages for finding employment gain skills and re-enter the workforce.  These people are paid not by the company who hires them but rather through funding from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act and other sources.  This allows employers a source of no cost labor while they grow their businesses.  More importantly, it gives the employers a chance to evaluate their performance and consider them for employment when a position opens up.

If GTS had enough work, there are a couple of people from the Milwaukee Works that we would offer a job.  On each of these projects there are 6 guys and out of those 6 there are 2 and maybe a 3rd who get it, they understand, they like the work and they are full of all kinds of potential.  The others are just there just because it is a job.

This is our third time working with people from Milwaukee Works.  The people who did the rough were there for the whole time we were there.  Now on the finish, one group started it and a different group is going to be completing the finish.


Welcome to GTS

Welcome to GTS Electric’s new blog.  I will regularly be posting news and updates from GTS Electric Company.

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Breaker Panel Upgrades-When is it time?

Breaker Panel Upgrades-When is it time?

Written By Joseph Farmer, President of GTS Electric Company


Q: We are in the process of selling our home and our realtor wants us to upgrade to a 200 Amp electrical service-is this necessary?

A: Today, Americans use an incredible amount of electricity. The demand for electrical current is a hundred times greater for the average household than it was half a century ago. The way a new home is equipped for electricity has changed drastically since then.

For instance, these days an air conditioning system can use more electricity than the whole house would have fifty years ago. And, because of all the new technology constantly being introduced into the world today, it’s not uncommon for us to have some sort of electronic device, be it a television, computer, printer, or some other electricity-eating gadget, powered on somewhere in the house twenty four hours a day.

And that doesn’t include the items we own that are perpetually turned on and drawing power, even when we’re not using them. All of this electricity running through a home puts a lot of stress on the home wiring, as well as on its electric panel.

Plus, today’s homes have many more “plug-ins” for appliances, electronics, and such, which are in much greater demand today than they were even 20 years ago. The fact is, if your home is over 20 years old, you should definitely look into upgrading your service panel.

And if you’re using extension cords and power strips so you can plug several things into one receptacle, it’s definitely time to look into getting a service panel upgrade. Doing so will allow each circuit to run straight from the distribution panel. It’s simply too much of a fire hazard to have so many things running from one place.

Here are some basic guidelines that will help you decide if upgrading your service panel is something you should do immediately. If your house has less than 200 amps of electricity available with the current service panel, or if it has screw in fuses, you most likely need an upgrade. In fact, most of the time, an insurance company won’t let you buy insurance for a house that still has the “screw-in” type fuses.

Another tell tale sign, and a pretty obvious one, that you need to upgrade your service panel is not being able to use one appliance, such as your microwave, without having to turn off another, like your coffee pot, so that you don’t “trip a breaker”. In this case, it’s likely your circuits are overloaded meaning it’s definitely time for a service panel upgrade.

A Very Important side note: Always consult a licensed professional electrician  to do this work on your home or business. Service upgrades are far too dangerous to be “do it yourself” projects because of the fire hazards they pose, and because of the risk of electrocution.

We would be happy to take care of this for you! Give us a call at 262 367 2487 for a free consultation and estimate!